A Good Auckland Pest Control Company

Firstly, keeping your premises healthy & free of disease just a choice, it’s a necessity. Pest free & indoor cleanlinesss is what keeps you healthy and active everyday.

You will notice when your home or office is being infested by pests.  If you’re working all day and come home to a invaded dirty home, it just puts you in a bad mood. Pest control is a great place to start.

Pest Control Auckland Steam n Dry guarantee pests control service treatments. Kill insects in North Shore, East, West  South Auckland City

Pest Control Auckland Service – Phone 0800 199 399, or email


10 Reasons To Choose Pest Control Auckland 

  • On-site inspections are thorough and complete.
  • More experience in Auckland than any other pest control company.
  • Pest Control Auckland technicians are all trained in the most up to date methods of Pest Management.
  • We are more service in the control  of pests in Auckland.
  • We explain in clear, easy to understand language, how extensive the pest control problem is, how we will control it.
  • Our service technicians are professional and courteous.
  • We respond to calls of  quickly and with dramatic results.
  • Our prices are also the most competitive in Auckland.


Commercial Pest Management

We understand that your business can’t afford a pests infestation. Pest Control Auckland are ready to come to your aid, any time of the day or night—whatever you require. Since 1987, we continue to provide peace of mind and our personal guarantee against pest infestation. Pest Control Auckland Service – Phone 0800 199 399, or email.
Pest Control Auckland professionals will make a complete survey of your facilities and provide you with a report covering existing pest problems, plus any housekeeping and sanitation conditions along with Pest Control Auckland recommendations for corrections.

We guarantee to offer you with the most efficient and cost effective solutions. To insure your business is pest free, giving peace of mind to both you and your customers. A good house or office cleaning is always good to lift up your spirits as well. Also, having your carpet cleanedtile & grout cleaned,, upholstery cleaning, and any other cleaning services just adds to the clean and healthy home or office.


  • Commercial pest control services.
  • Rodent control .
  • Bee Control and removal.
  • Flying Insect Control
  • Kill Cockroach cycle
  • Flea control
  • We perform the pest control service you contracted for in a professional.
  • Our Technicians will only use products tested and proven safe and effective.
  • When you engage Pest Control Auckland to perform a service, we will do our best to please.


Pest Control Auckland Service – Phone 0800 199 399, or email