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Indoor Flea Control Tips
Outdoor Flea Control Tips
If you have a pet there is a great possibility for fleas. Nobody wants these unwanted house guests.
– they annoy your pet and infest your home. Controlling fleas requires time and some work.

  • Firstly, take the necessary measures to get rid of the fleas on your pet. Pets are usually the source of a home flea infestation, as these insects tend to hitch a ride on a warm-blooded animal.
  • Clean areas that your pet occupies on regularly. These locations are more likely to have fleas, eggs, larvae, and pupae. Make sure you clean basement and garage floors as well.
  • Vacuum carpets often, as this not only prevents an infestation, but can also get rid of a large amount of the critters if you already have a problem.
  • Place flea granules in your carpet once a year. They will last for 12 months and work well without causing any harm to pets or people.
  • If you are concerned about infestations; apply an insecticide to carpets, such as micro-encapsulated pyrethrins, as many times as applicable. But be careful. Families with small children may want to stay away from a chemical solution.

    Flea Control Tips

  • If you do use chemicals, also apply a growth regulator that will break the life cycle of the flea.
  • If you can’t seem to get rid of the fleas on your own, call in the pest control professionals. They will know how to deal with this pest problem safely and effectively.
  • In summer and early fall fleas are the most active. If you begin flea prevention in the spring, you’ll achieve better results.
  • It is more important to be concerned about flea eggs than the adults. Eggs can be planted almost anywhere, and are more difficult to wipe out.
  • Control fleas outside of your home too. No matter how clean you are inside the house, if there are a lot of fleas outside you will always have to take care of them inside.
  • Read the label before using chemicals to rid your house of fleas at all times. With kids and pets, these solutions aren’t always the best option.

What do have to do kill the fleas on my pet?

Triumphant flea control has two aspects. Fleas must be controlled on your pet, and fleas need to be controlled in your pet’s environment. Given that dogs and cats share the same fleas, the presence of a cat in your dog’s environment makes flea control much more complicated.

To understand the complex issue of flea control, you must learn something about the life cycle of the flea.

What can I do to get the fleas off my pet?

Effective flea control must rid the dog of fleas and it must rid the dog’s environment of fleas. In case your dog remains indoors and you do not have other pets that come in from the outside, environmental control is relatively an easy task. However, the dog that goes outdoors or stays outdoors presents a considerable challenge. It may be impossible to completely rid the environment of fleas under these circumstances, although flea control should still be endeavored. When the dog is free-roaming or other animals are allowed access to the dog’s garden, the task of flea control becomes even easier said than done.

What can I do for my pet?

It is always imperative to treat your pet for fleas all year round, and do all the animals in the household. There is a variety of flea control preventative products on the market. When talking to flea control experts they will best suit your pet and budget with the right product. Most products are for use on a monthly basis. They are topical or oral. Products strongly recommended are Advantage, Revolution, Advantix, Frontline, and Comfortis.

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