Fly Control Treatment

Flies are a big problem in Auckland, particularly in the warmer months.

Fly Control Treatment. Auckland Steam n Dry guarantee Fly treatments. Kill flies at Auckland City, North Shore, East, West, South

Fly Identification

Most flies are easily controlled. Only  small flies breed indoors but many types of flies are attracted inside, which, therefore,, raises health concerns.  The main things that bring flies indoors are:

  • warm radiating from buildings
  • food
  • Light
  • Fly Breeding Areas
  • Poor Sanitation
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Fly Control Treatment 

Once you’ve found information on your fly, Pest Control Auckland outlines the steps needed on how to kill flies. For sensitive areas needing Fly Treatment (i.e. around food), that are unable to use traditional methods, you’re still in luck.

  • Fly Residual Sprays can be used in outside areas
  • Fly Traps can effective kill fly
  • Pyrethrum Fly Sprays.

Fly Treatment & Control Method

The majority of flies breed outdoors and scour the immediate area for food.  Flies inside means there is a problem lurking close by.

Rubbish areas breeding source for  flies.

  • Keep the lids closed.
  • Trash containers should be stored in a tightly sealed room
  • Placing trash in plastic bags reduces odors that attract flies.
  • Keep far way from entrance door ways
  • Have  trash pick ups


Sanitation is the key to avoid flys.

Small flies such as fruit flies that breed indoors and can qgo from from very small amounts of decaying organic matter.

  • Empty and clean trash containers regularly
  • Wash floors daily and thoroughly, with CLEAN mops. Slop water will spread under hidden places such as mold boards and crevices and create ideal breeding sites.Cut, cure, and wrap meat in wax or grease proof paper.
  • Store meat in a clean, well ventilated area
  • Clean drains and floor drains. Phorid flies develop within the thin moist film lining these drains.
  • Investigate and clean cracks, crevices, and voids of organic particles. Properly seal them if needs be.
  • Clean all places where meat and cheese has been stored.


Residual Fly Spray

Most flies tend to stay within their own restricted local. They rest at night for several hours in one spot, and because of this, are vulnerable to residual fly sprays.

  • Do not spray where accessible to children or animals

Fly Sprays

A natural, safe, and effective formula available in a hand-held and automatic release.

  • Fly Sprays are  insecticides
  • Automatic dispensers and hand-held sprays available
  • Safe to animals and humans



Fly Control Treatment. Auckland Steam n Dry guarantee Flys control service treatments. Kill flies at Auckland City, North Shore, East, West, South

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