qualityEach of our pest control technicians is a veteran in the pest control industry. They have extensive backgrounds in the technical aspects of pest identification and customer service. Auckland Carpet Steam ‘n’ Dry provides complete hands-on workshop training for all our pest controllers. The following is a list of topics discussed in each workshop;

Cockroach Control Workshop

  • Premise pre-inspection
  • cockroach identification
  • Cockroach habitates
  • Health & safety
  • 3 and 4 step cockroach control method
  • Cockroach elmination

Flea control Workshop

Flea identification. Pre-inspection. Hands-on demos.

Fly Control Workshop

Professional fly control techniques. Removing tough problem infestaions. Basic and advanced fly conroll techniques.

Ant Control Workshop

Understanding how ants nest, ant identification demo ant control. Applications procedures. Proper pest baiting and expelling steps. Customer service techniques.