Sanitisation & Deodorise Services

Sanitisation & Deodorise Services

Do you want to live and work safer? Also healthier? Our Pest Control Auckland highly recommended sanitisation services can get rid of germs & odor permanently.

Sanitisation is a major priority all around the globe and yet it remains a long way from accomplishment. Today we have technologies and special groups to handle the sanitation. As well as manage disposing of the waste in a safe manner. We can only hope the situation get better. Until then it’s up to us to control our household sanitation issue in an Eco friendly way.

Unlike many of our competitors, our Pest Control Auckland Sanitisation do not use any toxic chemicals. Sure, strong pesticides may work for a quick kill, but at a cost. They help to aid in the removal of common odors such as:

  • Bathroom Smells
  • Mildew
  • Sewage
  • Urine  Smells
  • Previous Occupants
  • Smoke
  • Pet germs and smells
  • Humidity born musty odors and much more!

Pests cause enough harm as it is. We don’t think the treatment should cause even more harm. That’s why we always put forth the extra time, effort, and resources. Therefore to bring you lasting results without compromising the safety of your home. Because of this commitment to safety, we have built lasting relationships with many satisfied customers and businesses in our community too.

Sanitisation & Prevention

Preventing outbreaks of pests, diseases, and food-borne illnesses are much easier than trying to fix them. To prevent these problems, employing good sanitisation practices on a regular basis is essential. Put together comprehensive standard operating procedures for all the tasks in your facility. The only thing more important than putting a plan together is sticking to it.

SanitisationWe sanitize areas from South Auckland City, North Shore, East and even in the West. We hope to add you to that list.

As one of the largest providers of Pest Control, sanitisation is carried out by our own fully qualified, trained and experienced technicians. With the use of the latest cleaning technology.  Indeed we guarantee that the site will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Also eliminating any potential threat to public health and safety.

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